The Sun is Rising

The Sun is Rising

birthofindependenceOlivia and I recently took a trip to find out if God was calling us to join the terrific team and church at Grace Covenant in Exton PA. We flew up to Philadelphia before driving up to Exton. We made a mini-vacation out of it and toured a little bit of Philadelphia. We got to see Independence Hall on our trip to PA. It is where one of the greatest political lines of all was ratified in the Declaration of Independence, “that all men were created equal”. It is also where eventually after the war where the Constitution would be drafted.

George Washington sat in that hall where he led the fledgling Congress draft the Constitution. Benjamin Franklin (from PA) was one of the few men to be at both the signing of the Declaration of Independence and creation of the Constitution. Franklin looked at the chair that Washington sat in and remarked that there was a sun on the top of the chair. Franklin asked if the carver of the chair intended the sun to be setting or rising. He concluded that it was rising on the birth of a new nation.

Occasionally in life we are left to wonder if the proverbial sun of good times is setting or rising. This is especially true when we have been in distressing times, spiritual dry seasons, or as the shadow of the valley of death seems to cast its long shadow. God though wants us to remember that in both good times and bad times that we are to praise him. “From the rising of the sun to its setting The name of the LORD is to be praised.”1)Reference of Psalm 113:3. God wants us to praise him always! It is easier to do it with joy though when the sun is rising. We need to remember that God loves us and calls us to be his children. He offers us in Christ the best covenant ever envisioned. One not started by men but by the Creator of us all. God desires that we will praise Him and rest in his love for us. He will be with us no matter what life holds.

New days and new adventures are wonderful. Today is a good time to reflect that God is to be praised because his covenant of grace is always with us.

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1. Reference of Psalm 113:3

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