Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts

  • Today, I am working on cleaning my garage up. I’m taking a break in the AC for a few before heading back to the sauna that is coastal NC after a rain storm.

  • Sitting in the AC makes me incredibly grateful to live in the 21st century with such amenities.

  • My oldest daughter is reading The Chronicles of Narnia. IMG_0438 The three oldest have recently watched the film adaptions. All of our kids today were playing different Narnia characters and one today kept asking if we could get a wardrobe. Love it.

  • I am going to start a new section of blogs called Future History in the Loving Others category. I have my undergraduate degree in biblical studies, history, and history of ideas and am fascinated in how our world came to be in its current state. The West exists in part because of the pursuit of truth through discovery and ideas. The History of Ideas was a historical philosophy course adapted from the works of Mortimer J Adler. I have tried to read everything he has ever penned. Especially his How to Read A Book. That book teaches us to read the world around us by challenging and being critical of the ideas that seek to shape us. The ongoing Future History post will deal with little known or under known historical figures that have contributed to the world in which we live with some theological reflections to boot.

  • We home school our kids. I often get asked why we chose to home school. My standard first reply is with a bad joke that my wife and I are completely capable of messing up our children without the necessity of outsourcing it to others. Many people assume we do it because we are not fans of modern education. That really is not the case. It is not that we think public or private education is bad. Some public and private schools and their teachers are incredibly awesome! We home school because we want to shape their early ideas and values. Our oldest son recently did his end of year testing and knocked it out of the park with his results just like his older sister did a few weeks earlier. I really believe our society would be better if more parents that wanted to home school could be equipped to do so and take a more active role in shaping their children’s education. Homeschooling allows us as parents to discover our children’s current passions and interest and tailor a bit of their education to their individual strengths and interest. I was struck the other day when my nine-year old was asking about the current French election. She then made a joke about the Bastille. I quipped to my wife, “How many nine years old know about the Bastille?” That is just awesome.

  • I was reading an article on The Atlantic about how both political parties are increasingly looking towards celebrities to win elections. Granted Reagan was indeed an actor before being a successful Governor and President. The current President starred in his own reality tv show. Comedian turned Senator Al Franken showed that an actor can become one of the most influential critics of the current political theater that is American politics. Yet, I am not convinced that the best course of action is to put our trust in people who generally espouse other people’s opinions as if they were their own. Come to think about it, that is exactly what politicians have been doing for a few decades now. The writer at The Atlantic wonders if Dwayne Johnson will be the Rock, Fortress, and Deliverer of future American politics. Who knows maybe future Presidential elections will have a grudge match stage on WWF.

  • Sigh. Back to the garage I go.

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