Pentecost The Birth of the Church

Pentecost The Birth of the Church

Today is supposed to be a day of joy.

It may not feel like it.
You may have read the world’s news.
You may have recently lost a loved one.
Lost your job.
Lost an opportunity.
Lost a friend.
Lost your health.

If you really look at this world you can easily see some lostness everywhere.
It is seen in our entertainment.
It is seen in our news.

It is seen in our culture that seems to increasingly grow darker by the day. Today though is supposed to be a day of joy.

We have been watching the show This is Us. Such a very good show in so many ways. It starts out with how four characters lives intersect on their shared birthday. My brother-in-law is about to be 30. I remember tutoring him in high-school. I did not imagine when we first met that I would see such growth as his life intersects with my life. I have watched him transform from the single guy to a good dad over those birthdays between young adulthood and marriage and fatherhood.

Every year that we live, most of us celebrate birthdays. We celebrate the year behind and hope for the best in a new year of life and joy. It is true for individuals and on this day collectively for the Church of God.

Remember today, this day, this day right now is a day of joy. It is a day to hold on to when the lostness of life tries to steal our joy. Joy in the midst of the lostness of this world. Today we rejoice in the intersection of how God works in man to spread story of salvation across the world for over two millennia. Today is a day of celebration. Today is a day of celebrating hope for all that has been lost from the small to the great.

Pentecost Flamming Cupcakes '11

Today is Pentecost Sunday and today is the birthday of the Church.

It not the birth of the Presbyterian or the Baptist church. Not the Catholic or the Orthodox. Not the one that meets at the laundry mat or in someone’s home or the one that meets in a conference center. It is not the birthday of the hipper than thou or the holier than thou church. It is not the birthday of the liberal, conservative, or want to be label-less church.

Today is the birth of the redeemed Church that began to transition to the advancing Church. The Church that was scared to death in an upper room that prayed and trusted Jesus to do something. The Church that experienced the intersection of Jesus promise and fulfillment!

The Holy Spirit that birthed the advancing Church is Pentecost. Empires have come and gone but the Church keeps on advancing. Why? Because, the Holy Spirit loves advancing the Church. The story began in Acts 2 and continues to us today. Every year that we celebrate Pentecost we celebrate the Spirit that seeks to save that which was lost.

So celebrate and rejoice!

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