Random Thoughts Weekend Edition

Random Thoughts Weekend Edition

I need a momentary break from working on children’s church stuff. Here are a few random thoughts. 

Starting a children’s message series tomorrow called Future Grace: To Boldly Go. The future may be uncertain but God’s Grace is not. I love this line from the Thirty-Nine Articles of the Church of England.

“We are accounted righteous before God, only for the merit of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ by Faith, and not for our own works or deservings. Wherefore, that we are justified by Faith only, is a most wholesome Doctrine, and very full of comfort.… Albeit that Good Works, which are the fruits of Faith, and follow after Justification, can not put away our sins, and endure the severity of God’s judgment; yet are they pleasing and acceptable to God in Christ, and do spring out necessarily of a true and lively Faith; insomuch that by them a lively Faith may be as evidently known as a tree discerned by the fruit.”1)Excerpt From: John Piper. “Future Grace, Revised Edition: The Purifying Power of the Promises of God.” iBooks.

My sons are sword fighting to the Gipsy King’s Bamboleo.

My four year old decided to throw a temper tantrum as I had just rocked the 18 month old to sleep. I not so seriously contemplated converting to Catholicism and the monastic life for a moment.

Elmo is a direct result of the Fall. All four of our children as toddlers enjoyed watching him. If we really wanted an effective form of birth control education then we should make would be parents watch the same Elmo clip for a few hours straight.

Hearing Under Pressure on the Sing album makes me remember first discovering the joy of Queen when I was in college and David Bowie a few years ago. For various reasons it is also one of the theme songs of my life right now. I also love Crazy Faith by John Waller and on his new Good News cd I really dig When God Says No. I love the line “when God says no, and the mountain just wont move, oh my soul just remember he is good, somewhere between the now and the not yet is the bigger yes.”

1stmotherdaughter5kFunny side story since I’ve been dieting since February-ish, I have had exactly one cheat day. John Waller came to our church as part of his tour and we all went to Hibachi To Go before his concert. My daughter requested Hibachi To Go for her reward for finishing her first 5K. So thanks to my parents generosity the other day tonight we are getting Hibachi To Go for dinner! Not sure if John Waller will show up for dinner or not but it is so worth a second cheat day.

My 18 month old thinks the trash can is fun to explore now. Shudder.

My two non-eating Hibachi to Go children keep saying “I want it now.” Guess I need to fix them some avocado pasta.

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1. Excerpt From: John Piper. “Future Grace, Revised Edition: The Purifying Power of the Promises of God.” iBooks.

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