Tough Days

Tough Days

My church voted on calling a new pastor today. It is bitter sweet as we look towards the man that God may be calling as our current pastor who is my friend will soon be leaving for the mission field. It’s tough discerning God’s plans in the midsts of so much transition.

My 3.5 year old asked tonight when our dog was coming home because he wanted to see her and pet her. It’s tough explaining death to young ones.

My 6 year old asked if we were going to loose our house. It’s tough explaining economic hardship to your children.

My 8 year old asked me why I am still working if where I work is closing. It’s tough explaining explaining why good ministries end and why you still give it your all to the last moment.

My 9 month old shouted Da-da and demanded that I pick her up. I smiled and picked her up and wondered how am I going to provide for my family next? It tough explaining to myself that God is good and will provide.

None of us knows what tomorrow brings. I do know my faith in God as Father sustains me. I have lived my life so far in the safety of the Father’s goodness in moments of faith and doubts. We need not be alone in our doubts. God invites us in to his fellowship even in our trials. I have prayed before that God would take certain cups, that is tough moments, from me. Tough moments produce so much doubt. Perhaps in part this is what it means to be human to be honest with our doubts and yet strive through them with God’s grace. I like Jesus before me have prayed not my will be done but yours. Why? Because, tough days are part of the Christian life. They were part of Jesus life and we should expect them in ours. How we respond shows where we are at in our life with God.

We can be tempted to cry out and say to God like Jesus did that we are having a crisis of faith in the moments of hardship. We can express our doubts and commend them to be safe in God’s hands. He is our Father. Good fathers welcome our doubts. They are not sins. They are opportunities to trust anew in the midsts of the shadow of death.

“My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”1)Matthew 27:46 This was a moment of doubt for Jesus. Some theologians tell us that Jesus was merely fulfilling prophecy and quoting Scripture.2)Read Psalm 22. It is the passage that Jesus is quoting when he speaks from the cross. This is true yet it was also because Jesus was really having a crisis of faith in that moment. Jesus could not feel or see the Father’s goodness in the midsts of his hardship. We must remember that God is incredibly good even when he seems silent. God is working for our good. 3)See Romans 8:28-30. We must say even unto our last breath what Jesus said.

“Father in to your hands I commit my spirit.”4)Luke 23:46

We do this because we trust God even when our eyes give us no reason to trust. We must choose hope in God during the hard times of life. This is the heart of being a disciple of Jesus. Jesus centered faith is trusting God when we really have tough times in front of us.

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.5)Hebrew 11:1, ESV

Until we can see. We trust.


August 22, 2016


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2. Read Psalm 22. It is the passage that Jesus is quoting when he speaks from the cross.
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