God’s promise to dads

God’s promise to dads

God has a promise to dads.

“For the promise is for you and for your children and for all who are far off, everyone whom the Lord our God calls to himself.” – Acts 2:39

This is for you.

If you have been a great dad or not.

If you have been a hands on dad or parachute in and out dad.

If you have been one who blows his top or keeps his cool more often than not.

If you have been one who is a workaholic or knows how to be dad when you walk through the door.

If you have been the dad that some how juggles it all or can’t seem to juggle one ball much less more than one ball at a time.

If you have been a dad who has a great dad to emulate, not so much, or not at all.

If you have been a godly dad or a godless one.

God is calling you to come to him, and He is promising that if you come that Father’s Day will have a whole new meaning.

If you come to God he is promising you not just eternal life, not just purpose and better passions, he is not just offering you a Lord and Savior in his Son. All those just are enough reason to come but he is promising you something more.

God is promising you himself. He is promising you access to the greatest dad in the universe, Himself.

He is promising you the that you will be his son.

He is promising you that he will take your whole life and not just make it better. He is promising a life that reflects his mission to call your children to hear his promises. His is promising you the opportunity to be in the greatest rescue mission ever to redeem his children that are currently but not forever far off from him or you.

God is promising you that he wants to give you the same kind of relationship that he shares with Jesus as a gift to you.

God is promising that he will love you like he loves Jesus.

God is promising that the one Son in whom he is incredibly pleased will be the filter through which he sees you.

God is promising to transform your reality and your children’s reality to reflect a perfect father and child relationship.

God’s is promising all us wayward sons (and daughters) a chance to not just come home but have the greatest dad in existence to throw a party in our honor.

God is calling you.

He is promising that if you pick up the receiver of grace that he will be the the reason that Father’s Day is more than a Hallmark moment for one day a year.

Do you believe his promise?

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